Intel® IPP - Library dependencies by domain

IPP demain dependencies.
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Optimizing an Augmented Reality Pipeline using Intel® IPP Asynchronous

Using Intel® GPUs to Optimize the Performance and Power Consumption of Total Immersion's D'Fusion* Augmented Reality Pipeline

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Whippering Indie Cup 2015 - A Competition & Celebration of Independent Gaming

When deciding to organize our own indie gaming event, we looked to a rather unlikely place for inspiration: tech startups.

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Optimizing Without Breaking a Sweat

This article describes novel techniques developed to optimize DreamWork Animation's rendering, animation, and special effects applications without recompiling or relinking by preloading highly optimized libraries at run-time.
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Chimpact by Yippee! Entertainment Offers Exciting Gameplay on Windows* 8.1 Tablets

Download Solutions Brief

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