英特尔® 实感™ F200 — 捕获卷:外形

当开发应用以利用英特尔® 实感™ 技术时,您需要了解用户与您的应用交互时使用的所有外形。从笔记本电脑、平板电脑到一体机,您需要考虑到不同的交互锥形区域。

这一简短教程提供的最佳实践可帮助开发人员跨平台开发使用 F200 景深摄像头的应用。

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设备使用现状: 开发人员在 2016 年及未来面临的机遇

This article explores the results of a study titled "Current Usages: A Global Perspective" by Dr. Daria Loi. The study explored which devices are people’s favorites, which they use most often and for what, and what they wish devices could do better. The article discusses the study’s findings in detail and suggests numerous opportunities for developers to create software that can perfect users’...
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