Webinar: Get Ready for Intel® Math Kernel Library on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors

Intel recently unveiled the new Intel® Xeon Phi™ product – a coprocessor based on the Intel® Many Integrated Core architecture.

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Intel Cluster Ready FAQ: Customer benefits

Q: Why should we select a certified Intel Cluster Ready system and registered Intel Cluster Ready applications?

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Intel Cluster Ready FAQ: Hardware vendors, system integrators, platform suppliers

Q: Why should we join the Intel® Cluster Ready program?

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Intel Cluster Ready FAQ: Software vendors (ISVs)

Why should we join the Intel Cluster Ready program?

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Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v3 Product Family

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How to use the Intel® Cluster Checker v3 SDK on a cluster using multiple Linux Distributions

Linux based HPC clusters can use different Linux distributions or different versions of a given Linux distribution for different types of nodes in the HPC cluster. When the Linux distribution on which the connector extension has been built uses a glibc version 2.14 or newer and the Linux distribution where the connector extension is used, i.e. where clck-analyze is executed, uses a glibc version...
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Using Intel® MPI Library 5.1 on Microsoft* Windows* with Microsoft* MPI based applications

Why it is needed?
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Deploy Cluster Systems Dramatically Faster

Intel Tech Talks :: 29Nov07

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Configuring Intel® Cluster Checker's clean_ipc Test Module

How to configure Intel® Cluster Checker clean_ipc test module
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