Performance Debugging of Android* Applications [Android* 应用性能调试]

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创造愉快用户体验的关键是开发响应快捷的应用。借助Android* 软件开发套件(SDK)提供的组件,性能问题调试任务因为简单易用的性能分析工具而变得更简单了。在这篇文章中,我们将认识一些不同的工具,它们可排除故 障和调试性能问题或小幅度提升已完成应用的性能。我们不会说得太细,只会概括介绍如何针对您的应用使用这些工具。

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DBGHELP: SymSrv load failure: symsrv.dll in Debug mode

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Hi, guys! Im a newer in HK. Here I need help in my first HK travel!

When I migrated a small demo in my Graphics Engine in debug mode, Error appered!

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2014 Intel Cup ESDC Training and Technical Resource

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Android* 操作系统上的应用程序远程调试

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remote application debug setup using ADB, DDMS, GDB and ADT to debug Dalvik and C/C++ Android appliocations running on Intel Atom processor or device emulation Last updated on 2014/05/29 - 19:26

面向由英特尔 Inspector XE 分析的应用的构建 Boost

Authored by RAVI (Intel)
To analyze applications that using Boost* on Windows OS with Intel® Inspector XE, you must compile your application and Boost libraries with debugging information enabled (/Zi) and optimization disabled (/Od) and the C runtime dynamically linked in. Last updated on 2012/11/21 - 11:54

使用英特尔® Parallel Inspector 查找基于 OpenMP* 的多线程代码中存在的竞态条件

Authored by Jeff Zhang (Intel)
Intel Parallel Inspector automatically finds storage conflicts, deadlocks (or conditions that could lead to deadlocks), thread stalls, and more. Some specific issues associated with debugging OpenMP threaded applications will be discussed in this article. Last updated on 2012/08/13 - 19:01

2013 Intel Cup National Collegiate Software Innovation Contest Winners

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用Parallel Inspector检测出一个项目的内存错误

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英特尔® Parallel Composer 入门 - 使用英特尔® Parallel Debugger Extension 调试代码

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初次在 Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005 上安装了英特尔® Parallel Composer 后,应确保在 Visual Studio* Debugger 中启用英特尔® Parallel Debugger Exceptions。请按以下方法操作:

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视频播放器的性能随播放视频码率的不同而不同,有一些工具能够实现这些功能,比如VideoPerf,这里介绍一种通过看log记录的大致性能估计方法。 Last updated on 2012/08/20 - 15:54