Improve VR experience with Intel® CPU- VR game artificial intelligence (AI) analyze

With VR is accepted by more and more people, more and more game companies begin to develop VR games.

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更新工具令《捉鬼敢死队》* 游戏更精彩

Terminal Reality used the popular Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) to optimize the newest Ghostbusters game. Intel’s tools helped identify a performance bottleneck so the game could be optimized for desktops and laptops.
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is the old version of platform analyze view of task/frames gone?

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使用英特尔® 图形性能分析器分析实际游戏性能

Intel GPA is a suite of graphics performance optimization tools that enables developers to visualize, isolate and resolve graphics performance issues. Improve the performance of your games with the performance analysis methods presented in this article.
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英特尔® 图形性能分析器 (GPA) 平台分析器助力 CPU 密集型离线分析

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) Platform Analyzer visualizes the execution profile of the tasks in your code on the entire platform over time, on both the CPU and GPU. This helps you understand task-based issues within your game, enabling you to optimize the compute and rendering tasks across both the CPU and GPU. Intel GPA Platform Analyzer uses trace data collected during the...
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应用性能分析 – 何时使用英特尔® 图形性能分析器与英特尔® VTune 放大器

Since both VTune Amplifier and GPA profile the performance of applications, the questions often arises – “Which one do I use in my situation?” The answer to this question leads to better understanding the differences between the two tools. The simple answer is, if it’s a graphics application, start with Graphics Performance Analyzer and then move to VTune Amplifier if your application ends up...
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GIANTS Software 借助英特尔® 图形性能分析器优化 Farming Simulator* 15

Advanced, physically based rendering technologies in games like GIANTS Software Farming Simulator 15 push the limits of technology. Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) play a significant role in finding bugs and optimizing the latest generation of physically based renderers. Forward rendering works differently. The graphics card projects the objects and breaks them down into...
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Frame time mostly refers to the time it takes for the software to render each frame. More precisely, the data takes into consideration the duration of the benchmark multiplied by the average FPS of the application or rather, the total amount of frames rendered over the length of the benchmark rather than its duration in seconds. This data can be collected using benchmarking tools, such as the...
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面向英特尔® x86 平台的 Unity* 优化指南: 第 1 部分

Tools to use in the Unity* software that can enhance the performance of your Unity project. How to handle items like texture quality, batching, culling, light baking, and HDR will be able to identify performance issues and what they are bound to, key optimizations, and methodologies.
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从拆封到性能与能耗分析全面了解您的 Nexus Player

Initially presented as a hands-on lab for Intel Developer Forum 2015 as "SFTL002: Hands-on Lab: Intel® Architecture Based Mobile Device Development Workshop – Featuring Android* TV" the lab instructions are provided here as reference in the hope that they are useful to a wider developer community. The boot image and appropriate data capture drivers were built prior to the lab by the presenter...
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