Introduction to Cross-Platform Application Development Using AppMobi* XDK [跨平台]

Cross-platform application development implies writing once and deploying to multiple platforms.

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英特尔® 基于硬件的安全技术为生物识别应用带来独特优势第 1 部分

How Intel® Hardware-based Security Technologies Improve the Security of Biometrics Recognition. Trusted Execution Environment with Intel® Software Guard Extensions. What is TEE? Intel® Software Guard Extensions Technology Overview. How to Harden Biometric Recognition Function by Intel® Software Guard Extensions Technology? Memory Protection Scheme with Virtual Machine Extensions. The Weakness of...
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如何在VT-d 虚拟化中安装Intel® Media Server Studio

Intel® Graphics Virtualization Technology (Intel® GVT) is an extension of Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) for Directed I/O (Intel® VT-d) that provides hardware accelerated I/O virtualization support for Intel® HD graphics - it is one of the GPU virtualization solutions. Intel GVT allows the Virtual Machine (VM) to call a GPU function via I/O. Only one VM can use the GPU at a given...
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Marmalade C++ 和 ShiVa3D:针对 Android X86 的游戏引擎指南

Building a cross-platform Android app? Previously we’ve shared how to enable Unity* ARM*-based Android* SDK games on x86, as well as use game development suites like Unreal* Engine 4. However, in this guide we will detail a step-by-step process of building a cross-platform Android application with the help of Marmalade C++ SDK 7.1 and ShiVa3D game engine specifically for Android x86 architecture.
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使用 NDK 构建工具构建 Android* 命令行应用

Libraries and test apps are often written in C/C++ for testing hardware and software features on Windows*. When these same features are added to an Android* platform, rewriting these libraries and tests in Java* is a large task. If the code to be ported is written in ANSI C/C++ and doesn’t have any OS-specific dependencies, it can be rebuilt using the Android NDK build tools and run from the...
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本指南介绍了如何调整现有的物联网解决方案,以解决较为的复杂问题(如增强解决方案的传感器监控功能)。本文向您展示的是一台环境监控器解决方案,集成了更多的硬件,并扩展了物联网软件库(传感器和 I/O)的应用。同时,对该解决方案进行调整,使网关能处理多个操作系统。

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