Let's Talk Computer Energy Efficiency

Authored by 杜伟 (Intel)
Science gurus Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman reach enlightenment when a laptop saves the day. Last updated on 2013/05/11 - 22:55

更新工具令《捉鬼敢死队》* 游戏更精彩

Authored by Richard Wang (Intel)
Terminal Reality used the popular Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) to optimize the newest Ghostbusters game. Intel’s tools helped identify a performance bottleneck so the game could be optimized for desktops and laptops. Last updated on 2012/08/13 - 08:46

Rocking out in the Intel Lounge at GDC

Authored by 杜伟 (Intel)
Take a break in the Intel Lounge at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference, and watch fellow game developers rocking out to Guitar Player* running on high-powered Dell* laptops. Last updated on 2013/05/12 - 01:45

Mobile Gaming: Crytek’s Crysis Threaded for Notebooks

Authored by 杜伟 (Intel)
Jeff Laflam, Intel Applications Engineer shows Crytek’s Crysis running on high-end notebooks. Last updated on 2013/05/12 - 01:50

Gaming on the Go

Authored by 杜伟 (Intel)
Ad Hoc gaming is the wave of the future. Last updated on 2013/05/11 - 21:25


Authored by Richard Wang (Intel)

Last updated on 2012/11/19 - 22:16

Tizen 2.0 Compliance Spec简介

Authored by hao-li (Intel)

最近笔者在https://source.tizen.org/compliance/compliance-specification找到了Tizen 2.0 Compliance Spec等相关内容

Last updated on 2013/08/07 - 08:26

Android 4.0.3 ICS在x86平台上的安装攻略

Authored by avensue

早在去年底,ANDROID X86计划就已经开始了。最初释放的是Android4.0,通过Google group下载。最初的版本不是太好。最近Android4.0.3 也出了,比前作更稳定,而且支持Wifi,INTEL 硬件加速,文件压缩。

Last updated on 2013/09/06 - 18:26

Gameplay: 触摸控制您最热衷的游戏

Authored by Erik Niemeyer (Intel)

Download Gameplay: Touch controls and 2-in-1 awareness for your favorite games [PDF 904KB]

Last updated on 2014/11/04 - 00:02