使用英特尔® XDK体验英特尔® 物联网开发套件

This article covers and expands upon the material from the Hands-on Lab Intel Internet of Things (IoT) Developer Kit SFTL005 presented at the Intel Developer Forum 2015 (IDF15) August 18–20, 2015 in San Francisco, California. This document helps developers learn how to connect the Intel® Edison platform to build an end-to-end IoT solution and describes related concepts that can be applied to...
作者: Nhuy L. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2017/02/03 - 01:08

英特尔® 实感™ SDK 前置摄像头 (F200) 常见问题解答

Get information about the Intel® RealSense™ front facing camera hardware requirements and learn about features that are included in the Intel RealSense SDK Gold R1 and R2.
作者: Rick Blacker (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2017/05/31 - 16:25

OPNFV* 是什么以及英特尔® ONP 如何调整?

Learn about Open Platform for Network Functions Virtualization* (OPNFV*), how it relates to Intel® Open Network Platform (Intel® ONP), and how Intel is contributing to OPNFV.
作者: Michael Lynch (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2017/04/26 - 15:48

在Arduino 101上使用 App Inventor 創造新應用

台灣的CAVEDU教育團隊參加新加坡的Maker Faire,帶來了Arduino 101 與 App Inventor的workshop,教大家如何用App Inventor 控制Arduino 101。


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