已归档 - 电池友好型英特尔® 实感™ 应用的策略

For mobile platforms that run on battery power, the longer the device can run between charges, the more desirable the user experience. This paper presents several techniques for developing power efficient applications using the Intel® RealSense™ Software Development Kit (SDK), primarily targeting battery-powered devices such as laptops and tablets.
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使用NexStreaming NexPlayer* SDK开发应用

Developing apps with the NexPlayer SDK is fast and easy and proves to be efficient with low power utilization on x86 mobile devices. NexStreaming NexPlayer SDK provides audio and video decoding and playback services. Application developers can use the SDK to build custom efficient multimedia players quickly. NexPlayer SDK is reliable and robust and has proven to be compatible with international...
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基于英特尔® 凌动™ 平台优化 Android* 游戏 mTricks Looting Crown

When you start to optimize a game, first determine where the application bottleneck is. Intel GPA can help you do this with some powerful analytic tools.If your game is CPU bound, then Intel VTune Amplifier is a helpful tool. If your game is GPU bound, then you can find more detail using Intel GPA.To fix GPU bottlenecks, you can try to find an efficient way of reducing draw calls, polygon count,...
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评估使用 HEP 工作负载的多核平台的能效和性能

As Moore’s Law drives the silicon industry towards higher transistor counts, processor designs are becoming more and more complex. The area of development includes core count, execution ports, vector units, uncore architecture and finally instruction sets. This increasing complexity leads us to a place where access to the shared memory is the major limiting factor, resulting in feeding the cores...
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教程:将应用迁移到 DirectX* 12 – 第 5 部分

As an important part of the DirectX 12design objective, multi-threading is an optimization solution worthwhile to try for every applications that are CPU-bound with CPU workload that can be parallelized among multiple threads. DirectX 12 API provides good multi-threading support. Through appropriate migration, single-threaded applications can be parallelized to make full use of the hardware...
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超极本™ 开发的四个方面

超极本™ 的功能可将个人计算提升到全新的水平。 它们的英特尔® 酷睿™ i3-i7 处理器可提供今日移动计算平台都不具备的出色功耗和性能。 超极本具有连接性、游戏、娱乐和环境感知等所有特性。 借助内置触摸屏、传感器和处理器显卡,超极本可为您提供以前不可奢想的多样使用模式。

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循序渐进:使用 LEGO* Minifigures Online 创建更好的游戏

Optimizing graphics for Intel® Core™ processors as well as Intel® Atom™ processors is rapidly becoming a strategic imperative for game developers. This article describes how Funcom developed LEGO* Minifigures Online (LMO)to provide exceptional graphical experiences and improved battery life on both platforms.
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Krita* Gemini* - 设备合二为一,性能同样卓著

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