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Confused about kernel module build

the source code for my running kernel redhat 2.4.20-13.7smpis in /usr/src

The file


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P4 Xeon support?

cat /proc/cpuinfo returns this:

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Vtune for Linux Kernel Driver


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VTune with arguments HELP!!

hi,I am started to use VTune in linux.I don't understand how to use it for an application that need arguments. For example :

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tlb misses


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Calculating Branch Mispredicts on IPF

Can someone please tell me the simplest way (if one exists) to calculate branch mispredicts on the Itanium 2 platform.

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Can VTune be used to profile a massively multi-threaded application?


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Trellis decoder

I'm tring to use IPP Trellis decoder for DMT trellis decoder. Does someone use the decoder for V.34, other?

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VTune 1.1 Linux. I dont undertand the results

I want to measure the execution time of an application, where two threads are created, with one physical processor with hyperthreading, that is, two logical processors.

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Counting Floating Point Operations

I have several sampling questions:

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