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bug(???) in combination of block construct and allocatable derived type

Hi there,

I found a supprising behaviour in this little program:

Module Test_Type
  Type :: TT
    integer, allocatable :: xx(:)
  End type TT
End Module Test_Type
program test
  use Test_Type
  Type(TT), allocatable :: yy
  integer, allocatable :: i,j(:)
  end block outer
  write(*,*) allocated(yy), allocated(i), allocated(j)
end program test

I would have expected that all variables are still allocated when leaving the block, but this is not the case for "yy". The output of the program was

Problem to run a console application

I have a console application created with VS2013/IVF2013 XE under Windows 7. It works OK when  running on my desk computer on which it has been developed.  However, when I try to run it on my  other computers (also Win 7) it will not work.   An message box pops up telling me " The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) Click OK to close the application" To illustrate the problem  a listing of the program that cause the problem is shown below.. This computer is also running Windows 7.

Can anybody give me a clue ?

Summation using XE 15

I am working on a legacy code. It is currently build using Intel Fortran 9.1. I was comparing the results using Intel Fortran XE 15 and was getting wrong results.

Part of the code which is causing the issue is pasted below:

        DO 1030 IM=1,NMOD
        DO 1010 IT=1,NTIM
 1010   AVG=AVG+GFB(IM)
        DO 1020 IT=1,NTIM
 1030   CONTINUE

18.0.1 Regression: Unresolved symbols with submodules

Also see:

I will try to extend this post with a reproducible example later, but would like to warn everyone who has not installed the 18.0.1 compiler update yet. Submodules seemed to work just fine with 18.0.0, but lead to tons of problems (with valid code) when trying to compile and link code using 18.0.1.

Can no longer see Fortran files after upgrade to 2017 update 5

I am using VS 2015 on a solution with C#, C++ and Fortran projects. Today I just upgraded to Parallel Studio XE 2017 Update 5 from Update 4. When I open a Fortran or C++ file it shows as blank in the VS editor. The C# files look OK. I have checked the files with a text editor and they still contain my code. If I compile a Fortran project it seems to compile correctly. It is very difficult to work with code I cant see! Any suggestions for fixing this problem?

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