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Is it possible to compile with intel fortran and openmpi instead of intelmpi?

Hello, everyone

I currently working with an open source software, when compiled with gfortran and openmpi, it works. However, when compiled with intel parallel studio, it got mysterious mpiabort failure.

I think gfortran is not as fast as intel fortran, so I would like to know if there is a way to compile source with intel fortran compiler and openmpi instead of intelmpi.

But as far as I know, if I add 

. /opt/intel/parallel_studio_xe_2017.4.056/ intel64

to the bashrc, the mpi automatically becomes intel mpi.

32bit DLL contains 64bit shared libraries

Hi All, I'm trying to build a WIN32 (32-bit) DLL but it won't work from excel and I'm getting errors from DependencyWalker that different CPU types are used, DW is saying there are three LIBxxx.DLL files that are x64 whilst all others are x86. I've checked the Compilers tab under \tools\options\ and all options seem OK, I've also tried Resetting them, but to no avail. I'm using compiler Compiler [IA-32] and Visual Studio13

Can anyone suggest why my WIN32 DLL is linked to the wrong redistributable (x64) DLLS (LIBxxx.DLL)?


karl skinner

mac ifort openmp

The man for openmp has no description text, so has it been dropped or not working ?

ifort -qopenmp should work, or has the default operation changed ?

[mac27:~/test] bmcinnes% ifort -V

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Getting the latest dll's

This is kind of a newbie question, but I'm not very familiar with setting up the coding environment and searching google haven't given me clear answers, so hopefully someone here can help me.

The intel fortran compiler I have been using was finally upgraded, but I also need the MKL and OpenMp dll's to be upgraded with it.

Should this have happened automatically when the new version was installed?

Or is this something separate that I need to download and put in the redistributable folder?

Using Intel Fortran Compiler with Microsoft Visual C++

I am developing a C++ application using Microsoft Visual C++ in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. From my C++ application, I need to call some numerical software written in Fortran. This software is free and publicly accessible, and full Fortran source code is available for it. I am considering purchasing the Intel Fortran Compiler to compile the Fortran source code. I'd like to produce a static library, which I will then link against my Visual C++ application.

Error in multigrid code


I am writing a Multigrid code and I have encountered a strange bug. Sorry this might be a little bit long, but I am seeking for help desperately. The structure of my code is as follows.


1. I need some information (Matrices, Mesh information etc.) to start the code. I can generate all the information using Matlab. Then I write those data in txt files. After that, I wrote a simple subroutine in fortran to read all these data. Say I have 5-6 variables containing all the information I need to start the computation.


Partially assumed-shape arrays

When I compile the following snippet:

      program dimension_specifications_incompatible
            implicit none
            call print_matrix(a)
  end program dimension_specifications_incompatible

      subroutine print_matrix(b)
            implicit none
            integer,dimension(1:3,1: )::b
            print *,b
  end subroutine print_matrix!b

I get the following compiler error:

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