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Intel 15 v 16 and imf: Consistency between processors

O Fortran Gurus,

A model I work on (GEOS-5) has the standing policy that we should get zero-diff between processors (say, Haswell and Sandybridge). From about Intel 11 to Intel 15.0.2, this was accomplished with (roughly):

-O3 -qopt-report0 -ftz -align all -fno-alias -traceback -fpe0 -fp-model source

Obviously not all of those are important for this but I just copy-and-pasted. Probably -fp-model source is the magic sauce.

problem with arrays with more than 2GB elements

Hi everyone.

I am trying to compile and run a code that calls a subroutine, which allocates an array with about 6 billion elements. I define the array in the main code as

integer(kind=8), dimension(:), allocatable  :: adjncy

and then in the subroutine as

integer(kind=8), dimension(0:sup_neighbour*nspec-1)  :: adjncy

Here my sup_neighbor=54, and nspec=109360000.

Need Help with Pointer to One-Dimensional Array in SMP Processing Application

Hello.  I am in need of some technical guidance regarding appropriate OpenMP directives for an SMP application.  I am currently working with a commercial finite element software to develop a user-defined material model.  Thus, I am given a collection of SMP object files.  I input my code into a specific subroutine and build an executable with the rest of the provided object files.  I'm just mentioning this to provide some background and to let you know that I don't have access to all of the source code.  During a finite element analysis, the material subroutine gets called many times.  With

Macro Values

How can I find the values for macro names in my Visual Studio 10 project that contains only Fortran code?  My C++ projects provide a way to view the values for all macros from the Properties window.  For example, it will show the value for $(TargetDir).  How do I find out the values for Macros in my Fortran VS10 project?

We are using Windows 7, Visual Studio 10, and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition for Fortran Windows.


Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 composite type variables not view able in debug

I have a problem viewing composite type variables such of this type


Universally I get in debug "Undefined address", when they are defined and the computation works fine - but the debug windows claim it is undefined.

In contrast A%pointer is ok.

Any hints on how to overcome this problem? 


Mixing coarrays and scalapack

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