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Blue circle of Death ! !

I am still getting this problem -

Wondering if we can ask the debugger guys what going on ?


Apparently the debugger is running some BACKGROUND stuff that has nothing to do with my source code when i am trying to make mods to it.

and it is tying up my files - It takes several minutes to stop doing doing it.


There is absolutely no reason for that. It ought to quit whatever it is trying to do and leave my stuff alone.


When I say "stop debugging," it crashes.


Intel v12 pointer reference bug

I have come across a bug in the Intel v12 compiler (12.1.6 20120928), where the value connected to a pointer reference cannot be accessed when sent to a subprogram. I have a user defined type that functions as a linked list that contains an internal pointer to another object. When I reference an allocated instance of the type via the linked list, I can access the value, but if I send that same reference to a subroutine, I cannot access the value.

Call Fortran DLL from .NET


I just installed Parallel Studio XE for Windows. I have tried to reference multiple Fortran DLLs from .NET.  The call doesn't toss any errors but the Fortran DLL doesn't run.  This morning, I took a copy of a test project and had a colleague run the same project and it worked successfully for him but it does nothing for me.  With one sample program I get an unable to load dll error. I'm linking the dll as an existing item (add by link).  Most just act like they will work and do nothing.


Just to check whether the Forum is working properly.

Yesterday, every time I tried to submit a topic, I was logged out of the Forum.


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