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Intel Fortran Compiler 18.0.1 for Mac OS X 10.13 and Xcode 9.2

Hi all,

I am using Mac OS X 10.13.2 and Xcode 9.2.

I am trying to use the Intel Fortran Compiler 18.0.1 with Xcode but the integration does not seem to be working.

I am not able to add a build rule for Fortran files nor I can select the Intel Fortran Compiler for my projects.

I tried to reinstall the compiler but didn't help. The directory 

/Library/Application\ Support/Developer/

mentioned in the Reference Guide does not exist either.

According to the release notes both OSX 10.13 and Xcode 9 are supported.

Intel Compiler 11.1



I need to download Intel Compiler 11.1 version. I went through the installation guide of installing older versions.If I didnt get it wrong,  The mapping of Compiler version 11.1 is with parallel studio release 2011. The last release available is 2013. 
Please guide me for the download of Intel Compiler 11.1 for windows. 

Thanks and Best Regards, 

2018 unformatted read grabbing multiple records

We have some code that attempts to determine how many entries are in a record by attempting to read the record and looking at the IOSTAT value to determine if we have read too many values.  This code behaves differently with ifort 18, apparently reading multiple records to try and fill the provided array and not giving any indication of an error.  The code below is a simple test case:

Possible compiler bug 2018 version (linux)

Dear all, we recently moved to version 2018 of the Fortran compiler. We found one instance where we were not able to figure out why we encounter a problem with the 2018 version. The code this happens in is very big, so I went through a procedure to strip this code down to the bare essentials. I post it here to get some feedback whether you think there may be another problem. If not I will submit a bug report. I have attached a tar file with the source files (a few small ones), a Makefile and a script ( that compiles the code and then runs it 4 times.

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