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Segmentation fault while using self build, dynamic) in MKL

My ifort compiler version 15.0.0, in composer_xe_2015.6.233, linux platform.

I built from MKL source with two changes in published makefile (MKL/interfaces/blas95/makefile):

1. Add -fPIC while build %.o from %.f90;

2. Add -fPIC -shared flag while generate;


My source code(there may have some type error for i can't paste directly):


Doubt about IMSL and Intel Parallel Studio

I acquired a student licence for Intel Parallel Studio 2018 to run a code written based on IMSL. I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and when I try to build the project, it shows me the mesage "error #5102: Cannot open include file 'link_fnl_shared.h'".
I'm not sure if only installing the Parallel Studio I will have acess for IMSL library.


ifort on MacOS High Sierra Bug

I installed the latest Intel Fortran complier 2018 update1 on my MacBook Pro which has updated to the latest High Sierra OS.

I complier my Fortran program successfully. However when I run some data by my program, there will be some wrong processing and infinity cycle. The point is that my codes suppose to be right. Because it works very well on the Linux server of our institute. And also on my supervisor's MacBook. I tested my code on different system and compilers like below.

Question about fp:source vs fp:precise vs fp:consistent


So I have been doing some research into the floating point model options and based on the various bits of documentation, I am very confused about what combinations are really recommended.  For example:

Looking at the following document:

It says on page 19:

IMSL with IVF Compiler - license error


I recently installed ISML with a student license to use with IVF. I did everything as explained in these two links:



However, when I build the project I obtain the following errors:

Pass char* from C to Fortran



I'm upgrading a huge C/Fortran project from VS6/Fortran PowerStation to vs2017/Intel Visual Fortran.
As i'm a total newbie with Fortran, I need your help to pass string data from a C function call to a Fortran subroutine.

I read a lot about this but there's so many way to achieve this so i prefer create a new post.

Until now C code call Fortran subroutine with string arg this way :

// C Side

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