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Passing multi-dimensional arrays from 2013 to IVF


though I expect the subject has been discussed many time, I couldn't find a reference in the forum.

I am looking for documentation or (working) examples on how to pass 2d arrays from 2013 to IVF and back.

I have seached the internet, but most (all?) examples (seem to) give only partial answers. 

Many thanks for your help.

Gerrit V.


Different results in debug and release

Running my program in ivf release mode returns other results than ivf debug mode, cvf debug mode and cvf release mode (their results are all the same). After a long search I found that the compiler option /check:all makes the difference.

As I read in several other topics the at least only reason for different results is an coding error. Though my program ist realy long, I would like to try to get these errors out. But compiling and linking it gives me no warning and no error message at all. Is there an option to get more feedback?

How to output a matrix without changing to a new line?

For example

program main
integer m
complex cjj
complex matrix(3, 5)

cjj=(0.0, 1.0)
matrix(1, :)=2*cjj
matrix(2, :)=2+1*cjj
matrix(3, :)=5*cjj+6

open(16, file='data.txt')
do m=1, 3
write(16, *)matrix(m, :)

The above code does not work well. What I want is that the data in the output file is the same as the dimension of the matrix.

For this case, the size of the matrix is 3*5. What I want is also there are 3 lines ,and each line has 5 values.

old 32-bit compiler vs 64-bit compiler trouble - array values

Hello, A program is seg faulting due to Common array values not being constant through subroutines.  This did not occur on our old 32-bit machine, but it has appeared in our new 64-bit machine.  

Old machine is running Intel(R) Fortran Compiler for 32-bit applications, Version 8.1.  New machine is running Intel(R) Fortran 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version

The same include files which initialize the array are found in both .f but the values are not constant though the program in the new machine like the old one.

IA-32 build Thread model Free in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432NODE\


I have Windows 7 professional service pack version 1

Intel Core TM i72760 QM CPU 2.40GHZ

Visual Studio 2005

Visual Fortran version 10 for windows

IA-32 Build


I have an application that works just fine when the Threading model is Apartment.

The application is called from a c++ interface. 


The interface transfers the name and path of the source data file, and some other

simple run paramaters into the target fortran dll.  

Internal compiler error (C0000005)

Dear Fortran Masters, 

The code below is given an internal compiler error (C0000005). It seems valid Fortran 2003 to me. The idea of the code is to know the dimensions of the internal arrays of the "stream" data type when the function Solve is called by data types extending taUoO.

The error is obtained using the XE 2015 Composer Edition (latest update). 

Thank you in advance, Javier


Want tips on Porting Fortran developed on Intel WIndows IDE to Gfortran on Linux

I have a straightforward 64-bit Windows console program .EXE that reads input from formatted files, crunches numbers and outputs to other formatted files. It consists of two  .F90 free-format files, one is a Fortran Module and the other contains the main program + subprogram code.
My standard of Fortran familiarity is F95. A requirement to speed it up can be met locally by porting the code to a much faster server which uses Linux and which has GFortran installed (but not Intel Linux composer - yet!).

Compiling with -check bounds

I have looked at this thread - and I have recompiled my code with -check bounds. However this does not print as output anywhere that array boundaries have been exceeded.

However if there is a subroutine that is having an array declared as  (*)  will that mean this will bypass all array bound checking ?




Not getting exact output



I am Gaurav & just started using fortran. I tried to run following code for which output should be 10.5 but instead I am getting 16.5. Why is it so? please tell


    REAL (KIND=8):: x,y,z


Gaurav K.

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