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Character value changing

I have a module variable

character*(128) :: cellmlfile

which is read from a text file, within subroutine reader.  I set the first space (at position 49) to NUL, because this will be used later as an argument in a call to a C function.  Just before returning from the subroutine ichar(cellmlfile(49:49)) = 0.  In the calling subroutine, the value immediately on returning from subroutine reader is set back to 32 (the whole string is exactly what was originally read.)

What could cause this?  I am using IVF 11.0.075.

MPI error

Hi, I am trying to run a test case of the Wavewatch III model. I compiled the routines with ifort and all of the programs run as they should, except for the last one (ww3_multi) that gives me this error:

MPI: Global rank 1 is aborting with error code 51.
     Process ID: 21874, Host: r1i1n0, Program: /u/emilioe/WW3/exe/ww3_multi

MATMUL causing stack overflow

I noticed that for large matrices, MATMUL is crashing with a stack overflow.  I can fix this with /heap-arrays0.   The program does not crash when calling dgemm from MKL.  I ran some tests, and the results from MATMUL and dgemm are identical.  However MATMUL needs a large stack, and dgemm doesn't.   Is this the correct behavior, or is there a bug somewhere?



Forrtl: Error (8) and (152)

Dear all

I tried to find the answer in internet but no success.

I am coupling Abaqus and Intel Fortran (attaching a code to Abaqus for building a customized model) to do an finite element analysis, but in 2 steps. Step 1 is finished without problem. Now I want to continue the analysis using the previous results as the initial conditions. And I get the errors attached. I must say I am not an expert when it comes to programming, so please consider that for your explanations. Thanks

Erroneous run-time behavior with an ELEMENTAL function whose result characteristics make use of a specification expression

Here's a summary of an incident submitted at the Intel Online Service Center in case any readers of this forum are interested: consider the following code that involves a function with the ELEMENTAL attribute and whose result characteristics make use of a specification expression:

Upgrade current license work with older installed versions?

We’d like to install a new license server (for Compiler for Windows) and test to make sure we can get our product to compile under the new and old compiler using the new licensing server before switching our systems over to minimize productivity impacts. 

It’s unclear if upgrading the current licensing server will allow the currently installed versions to operate.  Would this work?

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