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problem for ifort which does not use system lib mission like idate getarg and so on

Hello experts,

    I installed the new version intel parallel composer XE 2013 sp2 updates2 noncommercial, but I find when I use ifort to compile the fortran codes, the error reported like the following:

systime_intel.f(34): warning #7532: The number of arguments is incompatible with intrinsic procedure, assume 'external'.   [IDATE]

and the same to 'getarg and iargc'. How to solve this issue?

    I try to use gfortran to compile the same codes, it make it.

-C options Internal compiler error

Hi all, 

The compiler is crashing with the following piece of code, with the options 
 ifort -O2 -c -C . removing -C seems to resolve the issue

subroutine pinv(A,X)
implicit none
double complex,dimension(:,:),intent(in):: A
double complex,dimension(:,:) :: X
double complex,dimension(:,:), allocatable :: U,V
double complex,dimension(:), allocatable :: work
double precision,dimension(:), allocatable :: s,rwork
integer :: n,r,lwork,i,info
double precision :: tol

n = size(A,1)
![U,S,V] = svd(A)

output from fortran to excel

hi everybody,

at firts i apologise my english after that,

i am using visual fortran for my acedemic thesis. i dont know fortran very well.

in my programme, i took a output excel file but when i took my output every data, all my data wrote first box in excel. for example i wanna took data for  first iteration a1, a2, a3 and second b1, b2, b3 but every data write one by one in a1 and b1.


how can i correct my false, would you help me



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