"Emulating an OpenMP parallel for with TBB" Parallel Programming Talk Show #108 - Listener/User Question Show

Welcome to another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – show #108

This is a Listener Question Show – discussion on a very lively discussion on a recent thread in our community Forum, we’ll start the discussion in a few minutes.


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Intel Tool News: ArBB Beta 5 Includes Amplifier Integration - Parallel Programming Talk #107

Welcome to another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – show #107 – Guests: Intel Principal Engineer Michael McCool shared Intel Tool news, and Jeff Kataoka dropped by to discuss the latest info on Threading Challenge 2011.

Show Schedule: A new, on-demand  PPT show is  released every Friday –  /en-us/articles/parallel-programming-talk

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Parallel Programming Talk #106 - Roni Simonian - New Threaded Debugging Tool - "Maze"

Time for another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – show #106 – our guest today is Roni Simonian, creator of a cool software tool called Maze – we’ll be talking with her a little later.

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Parallel Programming Talk Show #105 - Intel Product Marketing Engineer Don Gunning - Current Challenges of Cluster Computing

 Time for another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – show #105. Guest: Don Gunning, Parallel Programming Tool Guru for Intel to discuss current challenges of cluster computing, Intel software/tool solutions to those challenges, and what’s in store for future versions of the tools.

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    Parallel Programming Talk #104 - Dr. Peter Pacheco discusses new book: "Introduction to Parallel Programming"

    Hi – it’s Tuesday, March 29 and this is show #104.

    Dr. Peter Pacheco is here with us this morning and we'll be discussing his new book “Introduction to Parallel Programming

     But as usual, we’ve got a little news to share first:

      Parallel Programming Talk #103 - Dr. Martin Margala and Dr. Wim Vanderbauwhede - High-throughput DCT Algorithm, Using more than 1000 Processors

      Hi – it’s Tuesday, March 29 and this is show #103.

      We’ve been away for nearly a month as the film crew has been galivanting all over the place – from Barcelona to San Francisco. Bet they’re glad to be back in the Studio. I know I’m glad – we can return to the routine!………

      We’ve got an interesting show planned for today – Drs Martin Margala and Wim Vanderbauwhede are here to talk about their project – a high-throughput DCT algorithm  using over 1000 processors.

      But first, the news:

        Parallel Programming Talk #101 - Intel's Paul Petersen Discusses Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011

        In this episode Dr. Clay Breshears and I meet with Intel's Paul Petersen to talk about Intel® Parallel Studio 2011’s Parallel Advisor – the cool tool that helps programmers find the best places to inject parrallelism into their code.

        But first, the News:
        Many conferences this time of year:

          Did you say Virtual Colonoscopy? - Parallel Programming Talk #102 with Intel's Bevin Brett

          Intel Engineer Bevin Brett discusses an actual application of Parallel Advisor and the part it is playing in reducing the time, cost and discomfort of an important medical test. A test many avoid – and as a result may miss early cancer detection. Plus, this technology could be applied to a number of industries such as automobile repair. Intrigued yet? View the video - we'd like to know what you think and can direct you if you have questions. Additional links are below.

          Parallel Programming Talk #100 - From "Is this thing on?" to “Taming the Wild order of Synchronizations” - 100 Shows - a Retrospective

          PPT marks its 100th episode by taking some time to look back and discuss beginnings. It’s come a long way since then. A number of guests joined co-hosts Kathy Farrel and Dr. Clay Breshears: Aaron Tersteeg, original host of PPT and co-founder (with Michael Wrinn and Dr. Clay Breshears).
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