Parallel Programming Talk #99 "Taming the Wild Order of Synchronizations" with YY Zhou

It’s Tuesday, January 25, 2011 and this is Parallel Programming Talk

The News:

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Parallel Programmaing Talk Show #98 - A Visit with Dr. Fortran, Steve Lionel Discusses Coarrays in Fortran

Show Notes:
It’s Tuesday, January 18, 2011 and this is Parallel Programming Talk #98

We are very lucky today to have the Intel Software Network’s first Black Belt, Steve Lionel with us to discuss Co-arrays but first, the news:

    Parallel Programming Talk #62 - What Every Software Developer Should Know About Intel AVX

    Welcome to Show 62 of Parallel Programming Talk. Today is February 2nd. Groundhog day in the United States. On this episode Clay and Aaron will be addressing recent questions about what every software developer should know about Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) with Senior Software Engineers Richard Hubbard and Pallavi Mehrotra.

    Parallel Programming Talk - OpenCL with Tim Mattson

    Clay and I talked with Dr. Tim Mattson about OpenCL on the Tuesday January 20th show. Tim is Intel’s go to guy for building solutions and standards for parallel architcture. He is an author, teacher and constant learner.

    You can download the show at: /sites/default/files/m/1/6/b/25931

    But first the news:

    Parallel Programming Talk – Intel Smoke Tech Demo with Orion Granatir

    Welcome back Clay Breshears! After taking the last few months off to relax and work on a book Clay is back and talking parallel programming again. Thank you to Michael Wrinn who filled in and shared his parallel programming expertise during Clays sabbatical.

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