Paper Parallel and the Thousand dear Courses

Paper Mario was pretty popular and I think the upcoming special issue of ACM Transactions on Computing Education will also be pretty popular, especially since it will be focused on Concurrent, Parallel and Distributed Computation.

We are at a cusp where there is a great amount of productive churn surrounding how and what to teach in order that our CS graduates are competent in the now ubiquitous parallel computational world.

Parallelizing Legacy code using Fine Grained Distributed Processing

Adding parallel processing to legacy code is a desire of every software company that has an existing product which is significant in complexity and which needs to run faster. Processor clock rates are not increasing much and now multiple cores are being added to chips instead. The problem of speeding up software is moving from a hardware improvement problem to a software parallelization problem. This is a follow-on post to Why Parallel Processing? Why now?
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