Parallel Programming

Assignment on the European Football Elimination Problem (University of Osnabrueck)

The paper summarizes an assignment on the European Football Elimination Problem which was given to my students in this year\'s lecture on parallel and distributed algorithms. The students were asked to use Intel\'s TBB 3.0 to solve the assignment. The material also contains an application named Team Planer which can be used to generate input files for testing purposes.

A Hands-On Introduction to OpenMP

This is the latest in a 10 year series of tutorials about OpenMP. The approach is based on the latest research in learning theory and is based on an active learning program. The goal is to talk as little as possible and present much of the material through hands-on exercises. This is actually much harder to present than a traditional “lecture style” as it requires a lecturer how stays actively engaged with his or her learners … letting them get frustrated enough to entrench what they learn into long term memory but not so frustrated that the ability to learn degrades.

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