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Aggressive Parking Negotiations and embedded computing

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I was just in Los Angeles this week for a few days of holiday with my family. With apologies to the Angelinos who might read this post, we got an excellent exposure to the local culture: Traffic snarls, over-the-top personalities in restaurants, loud vocal complaints about "tourists" and agressive negotiations.

Progress on the next Yocto Project release

I'm cross-posting this from my blog on the Yocto Project site. Head over there to check out videos, documentation and more stories about embedded Linux and the Yocto Project.

We had a lot of excitement last April when we launched the 1.0 version of the Yocto Project. We celebrated a little while, and then got ourselves back to work to begin working on the next release of the Yocto Project, due in October.

The Board and its Many Faces

This is a cross-post from the Yocto Project web site. Follow up over there if you are interested in more information about embedded Linux projects.

We had a great face-to-face meeting at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit (LFCS) of what we were calling the Yocto Project Steering Group. In case you are worried that such a meeting is in plush surroundings, let me set you straight right away.

"Comrades, we declare the Revolution... in a coffeehouse"

This is a cross-post from my blog on the Yocto Project web site. Please visit us there for more information about the project and our work on embedded Linux.

In a classic 1966 science fiction novel [1], some of the moon’s colonists are hiding out in a hotel room in Luna City in the year 2075, and realize that the lunar colony is headed for inevitable chaos and death. So a group of four colonists decided to declare a revolution and they began to formulate their ambitious plans to overthrow the status quo.

Your Vote for the Future of Yocto

I cross-posted this from my blog on the Yocto Project website. Hope you can help us for the future of embedded Linux.

Just a gentle reminder that we are still soliciting your ideas for the next major release of the Yocto Project.

Given that we are close to releasing the 1.0 version of the Yocto Project, we're now sorting through the input we have collected or heard for the next major release, planned for October 2011.

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