45nm Next Generation Intel® Core™2 Processor Family (Penryn) and Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (Intel® SSE4)

The 45nm Next Generation Intel Core 2 processor family (Penryn) is the next generation of Intel processors based on Intel® 45nm transistor technology, a new transistor breakthrough that allows for processors with nearly twice the transistor density and drastically reduced electrical leakage. Penryn includes new instructions (Intel SSE4) and microarchitecture enhancements that will deliver superior performance and energy-efficiency while maintaining compatibility to already existing applications.

  • SSE4
  • 英特尔® SIMD 流指令扩展
  • 英特尔® 酷睿™ 处理器
  • 并行计算
  • Motion Estimation with Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (Intel® SSE4)

    by Kiefer Kuah
    April 2007
    Intel Software Solutions Group


    Intel® SSE4 is a new set of Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions that will be introduced in the 45nm Next Generation Intel® Core™2 processor family (Penryn) and improve the performance and energy efficiency of a broad range of applications.

  • Motion Estimation
  • SSE4
  • 并行计算
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