Intel Software Partner Program

Have you USED the Partner Program Product Launch KIT?

The Intel Software Partner Program offers members a Product Launch Kits that helps maximize product launch results with a plan that helps orchestrate and closely manage the details.

The official trigger to start is when your new product idea is approved and you start your project plan in the Intel Software Partner Program.  Use the templates in the Launch Toolkit to transfer critical launch information to all your stakeholders.  In turn, you will be able to improve your brand and maintain a consistent message in your marketplace.

VOICE Your Opinion - Software Developer Benefits?

What program benefits do you need most to support your software development process and business growth? As the software industry evolves into 2010 the Intel Software Partner Program wants to hear your VOICE. Let us know what benefits you crave in 2010. All proposed benefits will be reviewed and considered for new 2010 benefit offerings.

Benefit Examples:
-White Papers
-Company match making
-(Live Online) Tech Support
-Tool Compiler Discount

Did you know the Partner Program offers 4 different languages options?

The Intel Software Partner Program website, newsletter, and many of its other communications are available in English, Spanish (Latin American), Russian, and Simplified Chinese?  Tell us which language you prefer by updating your language choice in your dashboard.  Login Here 

If you’re not already a member, you can also visit the website here

Partner Program member “Indusgeeks Solutions” Brings a Virtual World to Virtually Any Device

Working with the Intel Software Partner Program, Indusgeeks Solutions of India has found ways to stretch the capabilities of graphics hardware to deliver immersive, engaging online virtual worlds on a broad range of user devices.  Learn how Indusgeeks Solutions is developing the virtual worlds of tomorrow

Fast Track Intel Software Webinar 2/10/10 (9AM)

Intel has developed a new series of fast and free tools designed specifically for Intel Software Partner Program members, enabling them to assess code quickly and easily. This webinar will be an educational session with Intel senior executive, Dave Wheat, providing the following information: Sign up today

Why I should attend?

  • Learn how to save coding time by using fast, free and easy software assessment tools

Are you going to the Game Developers Conference in 2010?

To enter, assess your application using one or both of these Intel Software Assessment Tools.  Evaluate your game using an Intel Software Assessment Tool and you could win a 5 Day All Access Pass to the Spring 2010 Game Developers Conference (March 9-13), plus 5 nights at the W Hotel San Francisco.  Learn More Here

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