Intel Software Partner Program

Exciting Software & Partner Directory Changes Coming Soon!

Since our launch in March, more than 800 ISVs worldwide have submitted almost 2,000 products to the Software & Partner Directory!  We are thrilled to have somany ISVs already involved in this beta site, but want to make sure we get all of our members involved in creating a rich software & services directory for users around the world. 

Sell your netbook apps on the Intel® Business Exchange Software Store

There is a newly added aisle in the Intel BX Software Store (US/Canada) that now offers netbook applications. There are six categories of applications including Communications, Education & Reference, Entertainment, Games, Utilities & Security, and Home, Health & Hobby.

Free Virtual Intel Event for ISVs- June 3, 2009 from 9am-7pmET

Calling all developers and ISVs! Whether you're already an Intel Software Partner Program member or not, Engage 2009 is a great event that will provide you with all the information and resources you would ever want about Intel's Software Partner Program and the benefits that come with membership! The event will include live chat with Intel experts, webcasts focusing on a range of topics including how to engage with the Intel Business Exchange, getting the most out of Intel Architecture, marketing benefits, developer benefits and more.

FREE 30-day trial of GoToMyPC now available on Intel Business Exchange

Whenever there's a new and noteworthy solution that lands on Intel Business Exchange I figured you should know, especially when there's a good deal attached. I'm pleased to announce that we're now offering Citrix's GoToMyPC on Intel Business Exchange which includes a free 30-day trial.

What is your netbooks application wish-list?

Calling all netbooks users. What applications do you wish you had for your netbooks? Netbooks are gaining more traction in multiple geographies and are designed to provide consumers and professionals with a great mobile experience. They're not however optimal if you need to create new, rich content with heavy-duty apps.  If you could put your wish-list of apps or services you would like to see available for your netbook, what would it be?

New Managed Services Launched!

Recognizing the importance of services, Intel has created a program for its Channel Partners to get "services enabled" i.e being able to offer managed and hosted services. Many Channel Partners are taking advantage of the opportunity to use services to grow their customer base and revenue streams beyond their typical regional boundaries. With hosted services, the provider no longer needs to make face to face sales or support calls, rather can provide the customer support remotely.

Services and Intel

There has been a crescendo of buzz about Services (i.e. On-Demand/ Software-as-a-Service and Managed Services) and I've recieved several perplexed looks from people wondering what the tie is to Intel. From my perspective, and I'm not the only one who thinks this way, services represent a new software model that can be more cost-effective for small businesses given that they are web-based, and hosted, managed, and supported by solution providers. In a world that has a pace that seems to be speeding up by the second, enabling mobility is where everything is headed.
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