My 1000th Video for the Intel Software Network!

I am generally not one to toot my own horn, but I thought that as a personal milestone 1000 videos produced for Intel since I was hired in January of 2008 was a good place to stop and recognize not so much myself, but all of those whom I have worked with to produce such a large number of videos. In the just over three years since I was brought on to shoot videos for the Take Five site I have seen numerous changes to the video program, most notably the addition of our live streaming internet shows on ISNTV.

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Всем привет!

Как-то так вышло, что я опять профилонил всю неделю. А ведь кое-какие события в сообществе ISN продолжают происходить, хотим мы этого или нет. Итак, новости: