Parallelism Education and the Role of Abstraction

On September 13th I will be participating in a panel at IDF on how the shift to parallelism will, or should, affect computer science education. My opinion is that this is a huge challenge, but one that can be met. However, it will require rethinking certain aspects of the CS curriculum, from how (and what) algorithms and data structures are introduced, to what languages are used.

Multicore programming with different multi-threading approaches

A few days ago I visited a multicore developers conference in Munich where Dr. Mario Deilmann from Intel held his keynote speech regarding the different multi-threading approaches like Winthreads, POSIX threads, OpenMP, Intel TBB and task oriented concepts. His first conclusion must really be taken into account when you talk about parallel programming: Don't think in threads but in tasks as thread-oriented multi-threading is hard to learn, doesn't scale properly and causes a lot of trouble!

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