Apps for Kids: Basic Usability Guidelines

More kids than ever before in history are engaging with computing devices on a daily basis, whether that may be that a smartphone, a tablet, a PC, or a convertible tablet/PC form factor. They do homework, interact with friends and family, and play games, and as seen by a simple search in any popular app store, apps for kids are getting downloaded at a fantastic rate:

User Privacy: Seven Ways App Developers Can Protect It

With the unprecedented growth of the app ecosystem, user privacy is becoming more and more of a hot button issue, especially when that privacy is violated. For many users, finding and downloading a new app is something that has become almost second-nature; we browse our favorite app stores, we find an app that looks promising, we download it. Done.

Imagine the Possiblities of Your Netbook App Ideas

Today, Renee James, Intel VP for the Software & Services Group, gave additional details on the Intel® Atom Developer Program, which provides software developers and software companies a new opportunity to write and sell applications and development components for Intel Atom-based netbooks.

AMT Application Developer Heaven

Windows, Visual Studio 2005, C# ... Linux, Eclipse, C++ ... Windows or Linux, Java, VI/notepad ...

There are many choices for developing Intel Active Management Technology applications, but these choices are often restricted, or at least influenced, by the tools, samples and kits that we provide.

What if you could develop using any environment you wanted? Fantasize with me a bit. Pretend you are in AMT Developer heaven and you have total freedom and choice. What would you pick and why?

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