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CSE445/598 Project on Multithreading and Multi-Core Processing (ASU)



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  • Intel Parallel and Multi-core Programming Webinar Archives

    Included in this page are zipped Webinar materials. These webinars are presented to Intel Academic Community members in the last three years with various topics covering Multi-core and Parallel Programming and Threading for best performance. You can download the zipped material to a local system, unzip the materials to a folder or copy to a CD and start to learn from those recorded presentations.

    Multi-core Software Design (South China University of Technology)

    Multi-core processor technology is the current development mainstream of high-performance microprocessor systems. Major chip companies such as Intel have successfully launched a variety of dual-core and Quad-core processor systems. The application of multi-core processors have been extended from high-end server to the consumer desktop systems. How to fully utilize the performance advantages of multi-core processor has become a key challenge for software design industry.

    MPI-2 - Message Passing Interface (French, IDRIS-CNRS, Campus universitaire d'Orsay)

    Objectif : apprendre à utiliser les extensions à MPI-1 introduites dans la seconde version de la norme MPI.
    Public concerné : tout utilisateur désirant utiliser MPI sur des plates-formes parallèles.
    Pré-requis : connaissance de MPI-1 (et pour les travaux pratiques des commandes Unix de base et du langage Fortran).
    Durée : 2 jours. --- Assistance maximale : 20 personnes.


    1er jour :

    Programming for Multicore Processors w/ Win Threads & OpenMP (Cairo University)

    These modules are designed for an instructor led course which introduces basic concepts towards writing parallel programs that utilize the parallel execution capability of a multi-core processor.

    Topics include:

    Introduction to threading
    Win32 Threading API
    Fork/Join Threading Model

    OpenMP Part 1
    Parallel Block
    Parallel for

    OpenMP Part 2
    Parallel Sections
    Parallel Tasks

    Introduction to Parallel Programming video lecture series – Part 01 “Why Parallel? Why Now?”

    The lecture given here is the first part in the “Introduction to Parallel Programming” video series. This part endeavors to define parallel computing, explain why parallel computing is becoming mainstream, and explain why explicit parallel programming is necessary. This part sets the tone for the other 11 parts in the series.

    Running time: 9:51

    Parallel Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on multi-core computers

    A challenge to the class: first, write the parallel implementation of the matrix-vector multiplication algorithm where a sparse matrix stored in the CRS format is multiplied by a dense vector. Use OpenMP and run it on multicore processors. Second, write hte parallel implementation of the Dot product of two dense vecors on multicore computers.

    The solution set is provided with this posting.

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