Solitude and Zombies: Waking up to a New Gaming Industry


A long time ago, a mentor encouraged me to wake up earlier each day and spend some quiet time thinking about what’s going on in my life. While my job responsibilities and family were growing, my attention span was shrinking. I was becoming someone that life just “happened to.” I didn’t like it and he was tired of hearing me complain about it. So now I slow down a little each morning  to thoughtfully consider my priorities and the bigger picture of life. It’s really helped me to prioritize my time (as well as remember all my kids’ names).  

You gotta check out this Atom N450, D410, & D510 video

If you're wondering about the next generation Atom processors, and what kinds of devices will be available to develop games & media applications, then this video is a great introduction by Cindy Ng, from the Intel Netbook Marketing Team, on the N450, D410, & D510 chips. The N450 is a mobile chip, with the D410 being an entry level desktop processor, and the D510 as an entry level desktop dual core processor. (Sweet right?).

Imagine the Possiblities of Your Netbook App Ideas

Today, Renee James, Intel VP for the Software & Services Group, gave additional details on the Intel® Atom Developer Program, which provides software developers and software companies a new opportunity to write and sell applications and development components for Intel Atom-based netbooks.

GDC09: Intel raffle netbook draw

During the first two days at Game Developers Conference 2009 Intel gave away four netbooks in total. While the happy winners were drawn we had our video camera up and running to present the best pictures. And people couldn't grab the netbooks only as there were also some give-aways like multi-core books, USB-sticks and mouse pads. So please click the picture to run the show!

Moblin - the Web2.0 OS - and on getting heckled

I gave a chalk talk yesterday on Moblin at OSCON 2009, the Open Source Convention in San Jose. This was a no slides white-board chat about what's cool in Moblin, where is the future going, and what are the ways people can collaborate and participate.

I touched on some of the high points of what makes Moblin great as an OS design *for* netbooks, rather than adapted to them as an afterthought. I had one heckler yell at me from a neighboring booth (more on this later) and shared my little epiphany about Web 2.0 and Moblin.

Dirk Hohndel gives Intel keynote at OSCON 2009

I just heard Dirk Hohndel give the OSCON 2009 Intel keynote for Imad Sousou. Dirk
is the chief open source technologist at Intel and this is the third year he has stepped in for Imad at the last minute at OSCON. Here are some notes I took from the Dirk's talk:

Intel has gone from being a skeptic to being a major contributor to open source.

To show how this works, take the Netbook. It started out originally as a Linux product. Now there are products available from Windows, Linux and newly announced ChromeOS. It's a hot category.

The "anywhere" mobile workforce powered by netbooks and beyond

There's no question that workforces are going mobile and in many cases are or will be able to work from "anywhere". IDC recently predicted that 1 billion of the worldwide workforce including 75% of the US workforce will be mobile by the end of 2011. If I look back at my usage history, I can completely relate to this prediction.

What's cool about Moblin?

My good friends at the Intel Software Network have launched a terrific new way to deliver technology videos to the community: ISN TV.

For their launch this week, they invited me to give a brief interview on Moblin v2.0, which had its beta release last month. This was a fun way to show you the really cool features like the social networking integration, fast boot and shutdown, and some of the philosophy behind Moblin. I hope you enjoy it!

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