Sample Application: Camera API

This sample application shows how to use Windows* 8 Capture API in a Windows Store app. The application sets up a preview stream and allows a user to adjust different properties of the camera (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, and Focus). It can also take a photo snapshot with user-specified camera settings.

Sample Windows* Store App for Camera / Picture Taking

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  • Triple-boot (Win7/Ubuntu/Meego) Netbook Build for Application Development for Appup

    Last month, in preparation for the first Intel Atom Application lab conference at San Jose, CA, I was trying to build system that support the application development on Windows 7 and Ubuntu (both are  OS's that Software Development Kits (SDK) for Intel Atom Developer Program have been tested on) and at the same time, can support the application test on Moblin2.1. I do successfully make Win7/Moblin working, butunfortunately not able to get Ubuntu/Moblin work.

    Application Debugger On-Chip Instruction Trace

    The Intel® Atom™ Processor has an on-chip branch buffer. This buffer can be read out using Linux* OS level function calls. In other word the operating system needs to be modified with a kernel patch. This kernel patch can be used to access the branch buffer, read out it's contents and export it into user space.

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