Parallel Programming & Multi-Core

Parallel Programming Possibilities with the Intel® Atom Family at 2010 Multicore Expo

Intel® Atom is one of the most attractive microprocessors. You can find an Intel® Atom in embedded systems, netbooks, MIDs (short for Mobile Internet Devices), tablet PCs, televisions and consumer electronic devices. I’ve been optimizing software to run with many different Intel® Atom models in many diverse devices and operating systems. Besides, I’ve worked hard to downsize my parallel and multicore programming experience to take advantage of the exciting features found in these tiny microprocessors.

OpenMP 3.0 and iterators

There is pleasant news for the developers who want to use iterators and OpenMP together in their programs. Not to say that these technologies have been incompatible until recently, but it was impossible to use them so that they could complement each other. Iterators allow you to elegantly arrange item; they are safer and so on. It has been written in many books about the advantages of iterators and we will not enumerate them here.

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