Intel(R) Parallel Composer

How to troubleshoot if Microsoft* Visual Studio integration with Intel® Parallel Inspector does not work and the controls are not visible or exposed properly

Problem : You have successfully installed Intel® Parallel Amplifier (or any Intel® Parallel Studio tools) but the toolbar for Parallel Amplifier (or whatever Parallel Studio tool(s) you installed) does not appear in Visual Studio.

Environment : Microsoft* Visual Studio* versions that have installed Parallel Studio tools.

Root Cause : Tool bar is not visible, either because it is not enabled or it is obscured by other tool bars that are enabled.

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  • 英特尔® VTune™ 放大器
  • Intel(R) Parallel Composer
  • Intel(R) Parallel Inspector
  • Intel(R) Parallel Studio
  • Intel(R) Parallel Amplifier
  • 并行计算
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