Intel Collaborates with Universities - Build a 3D Model of Your Living Room

Hi! I am the director of the University Collaborative Research in Intel Labs. I am starting up a series of blogs featuring the latest highlights of our collaborative research with universities around the world. I am not going to be doing “computer research for dummies,” but I will be writing about the latest exciting research topics in an easy-to-understand form. No jargon? Ok, maybe just a little. But, no matter what your level of tolerance for engineer-speak, I think you will find these topics interesting, informative, and thought provoking.

Intel Labs: New Research Milestone in Many-core Computing

Parallelism get much more fun when you have enough of it... today we got to see a vision of the future with very impressive demos: The "Single-chip Cloud Computer" (SCC) - was first shown publicly today and is destined for usage in research inside and outside Intel!

Justin Rattner announced a new research milestone in manycore computing: the most Intel architecture (IA, aka x86) processors on a single piece of silicon ever. It has 48 cores hooked together in network that mimics cloud computing on a chip level, and support highly parallel "scale-out" programming models.

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