Free Trials on Intel Developer Software

In the market for Developer Software but want to test it out before buying through Intel Business Exchange Software Store? Good news! There are FREE 30-day trials for many of the most popular Intel Developer Software tools including a host of Compilers (C++ or Fortran for multiple OSes), Libraries, Threading Analysis tools and more.

Directory Tip #1: Add a Video

This is the first installment of the Software & Partner Directory Tips & Trick blog series.  Each month the Intel Software Partner Program newsletter will feature a new tip about the directory.  I would love feedback from those of you that try out the tips, best practices you want to share with other directory participants, etc.

Tip #1: Adding a Video

The "anywhere" mobile workforce powered by netbooks and beyond

There's no question that workforces are going mobile and in many cases are or will be able to work from "anywhere". IDC recently predicted that 1 billion of the worldwide workforce including 75% of the US workforce will be mobile by the end of 2011. If I look back at my usage history, I can completely relate to this prediction.

Free Virtual Intel Event for ISVs- June 3, 2009 from 9am-7pmET

Calling all developers and ISVs! Whether you're already an Intel Software Partner Program member or not, Engage 2009 is a great event that will provide you with all the information and resources you would ever want about Intel's Software Partner Program and the benefits that come with membership! The event will include live chat with Intel experts, webcasts focusing on a range of topics including how to engage with the Intel Business Exchange, getting the most out of Intel Architecture, marketing benefits, developer benefits and more.

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