Using Gesture Recognition as Differentiation Feature on Android*

Intel® Context Sensing SDK for Android* v1.6.7 has released several new context types, like device position, ear touch, flick gesture, and glyph gesture. In the paper, we will introduce how to get useful information from sensor data, and then we will use an Intel Context Sensing SDK example to demonstrate flick detect, shake detect, glyph detect.
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  • 安卓*
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Context Sensing SDK
  • accelerometer
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • Using Accelerometer in Windows* Style App and a Case Study of Tap Detection

    This article covers the use of accelerometers in Windows 8* Metro style applications and a case study on how to use accelerometers to detect tapping on the edges of a tablet. In addition, the case study highlights how to detect the direction of taps that
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  • Metro
  • Microsoft Windows* 8 风格用户界面
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