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20 Ways Developers Can Drive Customer Loyalty Through Ultrabook™ Apps: Part 2

In the first article of this two-part series, we talked about ten things developers can do to drive customer loyalty through their Ultrabook™ apps. We’re going to continue with that discussion in this article, and look at ten more things developers can integrate into their overall app strategy to encourage user engagement.

20 Ways Developers Can Drive Customer Loyalty Through Ultrabook™ Apps: Part 1

It’s not enough anymore to make a fantastic app (although that certainly is part of it). Developers who want to make their fan base happy will need to do quite a bit more to ensure that users continue to use their apps after that initial download. One of the more intriguing opportunities to come along in a while for the developer ecosystem is the chance to develop apps specifically for the Ultrabook™, especially for the next-generation devices coming soon with touch sensors, geo-location, and other fun computing goodies.

Search Engine Optimization 101 for Developers: Part 2

In the first article of this series, we went over the basics of how search engines retrieve data, as well as the basic definition of what search engine optimization is and how it works. In this article, we’ll go over the practical aspects of basic SEO, including steps that developers can take right now to get their apps and app-related websites ranked higher in search engine results.

The basics of good SEO

Search Engine Optimization 101 for Developers: Part 1

You’ve made a great app and a great website for it, perhaps after being inspired by the innovative work that’s going on in the Ultimate Coder Challenge.  This app has the potential to change the world as we know it; well, maybe at least make you a few bucks. All you have to do is upload this baby to Intel’s AppUp® Center and you’ll be living like Scrooge McDuck, swimming around in a basement full of money! Right? 

Touch Design Principles Part 3: Gestures and Discoverability

We’ve heard quite a bit about touch design principles from the always eloquent Luke W (you can read about what he came up with in his very well done video series here and here). In this third video, Luke talks about common touch gestures and how developers can incorporate elements of discoverability within their apps so these touch features are more easily discovered.

Keyword Research Tools for App Store Optimization

Whether you’re a seasoned developer with many submitted apps under your belt, or someone who’s looking to develop new apps for the next generation of Ultrabooks, you’ve probably started to understand that it’s not just enough to submit your app to an app store like the Intel AppUp® Center and then go home and wait for the checks to start rolling in.

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