Digital Storytelling with Augmented Reality - The Book is Just the Beginning


Digital Storytelling with Augmented Reality - The Book is Just the Beginning [PDF KB]


Digital storytelling provides an immersive experience, combining the power of your Intel® Core™ processor-based platform and the printed page. The augmented farm application demonstrates augmented reality through digital storytelling using the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK.

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  • O futuro da autenticação e das transações financeiras na Web (Part 2)

    No último post, expliquei os fundamentos da tecnologia IPT (Identity Protection Technology), presente a partir da segunda geração (Sandy Bridge) dos processadores da família Core. Hoje, quero detalhar os conceitos de como aplicações web podem fazer uso do recurso de geração de OTPs (One time passwords) disponível no IPT.

    How to Keep a Windows* 8 UltraBook or Tablet Display from Turning off in C#/C++

    Windows 8 has great power savings features that dim the monitor or turn it off completely based on whether or not the user is actively interacting with the device. This works great for most applications, but if you happen to be developing an application such as a movie player or book reader, the user can go for long periods of time without actually interacting with the device. For media playback and similar applications, this power saving feature presents a problem. This blog takes a look at the code involved in preventing the device display from turning off.

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