Intel® Edison Bluetooth* Guide


This document explains how to configure the Bluetooth* software stack on your Intel® Edison board.  It covers the BlueZ* software stack, basic Bluetooth operation, and the setup of various Bluetooth profiles including

  • 开发人员
  • Yocto 项目
  • 物联网
  • 高级
  • 入门级
  • 中级
  • Bluetooth
  • BLE
  • GATT
  • A2DP
  • HID
  • PAN
  • SPP
  • HOGP
  • HRP
  • TIP
  • FTP
  • BlueZ
  • Edison
  • Intel
  • intelmaker
  • 物联网
  • Play audio from your Intel® Edison via Bluetooth* using Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)


    • A Bluetooth* audio device, like a headset or speaker that can play sounds.

    • Connect your Intel® Edison board to a Wi-Fi* network, see Step 3: Get your Board Online.

    • SCP using a host computer connected to the same network (to copy music files over).

    • Establish a terminal to your board either Via Serial port or SSH.

  • 开发人员
  • Yocto 项目
  • 物联网
  • Bluetooth
  • audio
  • Edison
  • A2DP
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • mplayer
  • 物联网
  • Bluetooth on Intel® Galileo - file sharing with OBEX

    In Bluetooth tethering on  Intel® Galileo I already showed some concepts using connmanctl and bluetoothctl. In this blog I'll focus on the Bluetooth OBject EXchange (OBEX) profile which has it's own command line tool obexctl coming with BlueZ 5. In order to utilize you need to run the obexd daemon first. The following description is based on the same Yocto* as the before mentioned blog. 

    Bluetooth on Intel® Galileo - Bluetooth tethering

    Following up the series of my recent Intel® Galileo blogs (see Using Intel® Galileo as access point, and  WiFi access on Intel® Galileo) we'll focus on Bluetooth this time. We'll use the same Intel® Centrino™ Wireless-N 135 adapter used in the other blogs which supports WiFi and Bluetooth in one adapter.

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