Active learning of parallel programming

But Will It Scale?

Has this ever happened to you: You work tirelessly to add threads to your serial code, all your correctness tests are passing, and your application is zooming along almost twice as fast as the serial version on your 2 core machine. Now your friend sees your results and would love to run your program on his machine which is fully-loaded with four cores that are all equipped with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (that’s 8 "logical" processors).

A Hands-On Introduction to OpenMP

This is the latest in a 10 year series of tutorials about OpenMP. The approach is based on the latest research in learning theory and is based on an active learning program. The goal is to talk as little as possible and present much of the material through hands-on exercises. This is actually much harder to present than a traditional “lecture style” as it requires a lecturer how stays actively engaged with his or her learners … letting them get frustrated enough to entrench what they learn into long term memory but not so frustrated that the ability to learn degrades.

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