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Brick by Brick: Building a Better Game with LEGO* Minifigures Online

Optimizing graphics for Intel® Core™ processors as well as Intel® Atom™ processors is rapidly becoming a strategic imperative for game developers. This article describes how Funcom developed LEGO* Minifigures Online (LMO)to provide exceptional graphical experiences and improved battery life on both platforms.
  • 开发人员
  • 安卓*
  • Microsoft Windows* 10
  • Microsoft Windows* 8.x
  • 安卓*
  • 游戏开发
  • Windows*
  • 高级
  • 入门级
  • 中级
  • Intel Atom Processor
  • 4th gen intel core processor
  • graphics
  • battery life
  • pixel synchronization
  • AVSM
  • LEGO Minifigures Online
  • Microsoft DirectX*
  • 游戏开发
  • 图形
  • 英特尔® 凌动™ 处理器
  • 英特尔® 酷睿™ 处理器
  • Introducing Intel Ultrabook™ – Part One

    In all my years in college I have used a laptop PC. Recently, I’ve been tempted to get a MacBook Air Pro because of its light-weight and stylish look. But, since starting at Intel, I’ve been able to explore and play with an Ultrabook and it has changed my mind completely. The reason is simple: Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks are just amazing! Ultrabooks will be even more amazing when you add the touch screen capability of Window 8 later this year.

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