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User Experience and Ultrabook™ App Development

One of the most popular emerging fields today in app development is user experience (UX); basically, the study of how a user actually “feels” when using a system, app, or software.  There are several factors that go into determining user experience, including ergonomics, system performance, utility, human emotions, design, and marketing. UX professionals study and evaluate how users feel about a system or an app by looking at a variety of different factors: ease of use, perception of the value of the system, utility, and how it performs certain tasks.

Social Network Hubs for Developers: The Top Twelve Online

Whether you’re looking for collaboration on a hot project, help for a stubborn coding issue, or merely a shoulder to cry on (metaphorically speaking, of course), you’re sure to find it online at a number of communities specifically aimed towards software developers. These hubs of developer interaction offer up a goldmine of information on anything related to coding, from Android development to Tizen to the latest in Ultrabook™ touch and sensor integration.

Developers, NFC, and the Ultrabook™: What This Technology Can Do For Your App

NFC – near field communication – was one of the most exciting developments to come out of IDF 2012 in San Francisco this year. This technology can be used between two devices so they can “talk” to each other with or without touching, usually at close range. There’s quite a few applications of this technology already out there, for example, zero-contact payment systems, e-ticket smartcards, mobile payments, virtual wallets, public transport, box offices, and more.

Windows 8 Devices: Computers Are Getting Interesting Again

Windows 8 has been released amid much fanfare, and with this exciting new Microsoft operating system comes a whole host of new devices that are maximizing this platform to its fullest potential. There’s a lot of fun machines being released right now, enough to make even the most hardened hardware hack perk up their heads and pay attention. In this article, we’re going to take a quick tour of just a few of the most intriguing Windows 8 devices being released right now.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13: Hybrid Ultrabook™

Windows 8: Have You Developed Your Apps Yet?

October 26 marks the official release of Windows 8, the hotly anticipated Microsoft operating system that (just like every other Microsoft OS release) is getting either rave reviews or a big thumbs down, depending on who you’re listening to. However, the developer community should be looking at this new release with anticipation, as the opportunities for app development are very exciting.

20 Ways Developers Can Drive Customer Loyalty Through Ultrabook™ Apps: Part 2

In the first article of this two-part series, we talked about ten things developers can do to drive customer loyalty through their Ultrabook™ apps. We’re going to continue with that discussion in this article, and look at ten more things developers can integrate into their overall app strategy to encourage user engagement.

What Developers Have To Say About Using The Ultrabook™ As A Workstation

If you’re a developer who’s been wondering if the Ultrabook™ is powerful enough to do all your regular developing tasks – you know, like run four instances of Visual Studio while playing a robust game of WoW and browsing the latest AMA’s at Reddit – then you might be wondering if the Ultrabook device is powerful enough to handle all that you need it to do. In this article, we’re going to round up a few developers from around the Web who have had those very same thoughts, and hear what they have to say about their experiences developing on the Ultrabook platform.

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