Using Pedigrees in Intel® Cilk™ Plus

Pedigrees are a new feature implemented in Intel Cilk Plus and currently available in Intel® Composer XE 2013. In this post, I explain what pedigrees are, how they work, and how you can use them in Cilk Plus. Pedigrees are a key component used in the implementation of DotMix, a contributed code for a deterministic parallel random-number generator (DPRNG) discussed in my previous post.
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  • New Contributed Code for Cilk™ Plus: DotMix, a Deterministic Parallel Random-Number Generator

    DotMix is a new user-contributed code that provides programmers with a repeatable but efficient way to deterministically generate pseudorandom numbers in parallel in Intel® Cilk™ Plus. In this post, I explain what "contributed code" is, where it comes from, and give a brief preview of DotMix.
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