App Framework

Intel® XDK’s Initial Release of HTML5 Games Support and iOS* Debugging

XDK Game Support


HTML5 Games & Debugging

Season’s Greetings Everyone!  Just in time for the holiday season and all of the free time you may have in your holiday and New Year’s vacations, we’re giving you something to really play with – create and package HTML5 games for different platforms and stores, not just browsers.

What's New in App Framework 2.1

I realized that my release blogs have all focused on the Intel® XDK and have been remiss in mentioning updates to App Framework. App Framework is our open source, mobile app framework for creating responsive, cross-platform, app UI's with a native look-and-feel. This 2.1 release is a milestone in its continued development and maintenance. We have gotten lots of feedback from the community over the past year or so about the lack of documentation of the APIs, and the ability to really see how this framework helps app development.

App Framework - Version 2.0

Intel is excited to announce the release of App Framework 2.0, a cross platform HTML5 framework for building mobile applications. App Framework (originally known as jqMobi) allows you to write an application targeting the most popular smartphone devices, including iOS*, Android*, Blackberry 10* and Windows Phone 8* with a single code base. App Framework uses the latest features of CSS3 and JavaScript to accelerate HTML5 performance on mobile devices.
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