如何在两分钟之内在英特尔® 架构上优化 Android 应用 (NDK)

作者: Jean-Claude Cottier。

我是 Jean-Claude Cottier,在视频游戏行业有着多年的经验。 过去 18 年以来,我一直在该领域工作,2008 年我独自创建了自己的游戏工作室: Ovogame。 我的游戏支持在多款平台上使用,包括 Android:。 近来,在英特尔 CodeFest 期间,我针对英特尔架构对我的所有游戏进行了优化,它非常简单。 我将对我的流程经验进行介绍,希望您也因此有兴趣对自己的游戏进行优化。

How to Optimize Your Android Apps (NDK) in Two Minutes on Intel® Architecture

Post Written By: Jean-Claude Cottier.

I’m Jean-Claude Cottier, a video game industry veteran. I’ve been working in this field for the last 18 years and in 2008, I’ve setup my own solo game studio: Ovogame. My games are available on a few platforms including Android: Recently, during an Intel CodeFest, I optimized all my games for  Intel Architecture and it was dead simple. I’ll describe my experience with the process and hopefully will get you interested to do the same.

Quick ‘How To’ Tutorial About Implementing x86 Support for Android Apps

Post Written By: Antonio De Falco

After my participation at the Intel Android CodeFest, I decided to make a tutorial on how to prepare Planet Conqueror to run on Intel based Android devices. The game uses the libGDX developer framework. I think it’s a good idea to write this article so that other developers using the same framework can successfully provide their apps with x86-architecture support and hopefully avoid any pitfalls while doing it.

How to Set Up an NDK Project to Compile for Multiple Target Platforms

Post Written By: David Wingrove

Golden Hammer Software took a trip earlier this year to New York to attend the Intel Android CodeFest.  We updated Big Mountain Snowboarding, Trick Shot Bowling, and Scribble Worm to run natively on Intel Android devices during that weekend.  All three of these games use C++ through the NDK.   

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