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Building a Modeless Dialog Box in 64 bit DLL

I currently have a 32 bit DLL which opens a modeless dialog box.  I want to recompile it as a 64 bit DLL but I get errors at runtime (First-chance exception at 0x772a7eb8 (ntdll.dll) in Dialog_Dll_Exe_New.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xffffffffef4a0000) and the dialog box fails on initialization.  Bare-bones code is below.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Steve

The initial value of variables was changed when switching from other subroutine


A problem is found that the value of a variable declared in one subroutine will be changed by the IVF compiler after the code direction is switched from another subroutines. I made a test to show the problem with a test code as shown below.

====================================test code=============================================

program main
    implicit double precision(A-H,O-Z)
    call entry1
    call sub2
    call entry2

    write(*,*) "Test end."


Compilation aborted (code 1) without further messages

After moving from CVF6.6 to IVF XE 12.0 update 4, I obtained the error message

Compilation aborted (code 1)

Is there any documentation on the possible sources of this error? (which I guess there are quite a few). I wonder why is the error message not any more specific.


The way I proceeded to find the culprit was:

1- Comment all lines of code, except:

* program start / end

* subroutine protocols (subroutine x(var1, ...))

* subroutine end

* implicit none

restore cl to PATH

I've been having difficulty again on Windows 8.1.  ifort setup with Visual Studio 2012 Pro for X64, using command prompt, doesn't retain the path to CL after reboot and so refused to perform a link.  I can complete a build combining ICL and ifort by building .obj in the VS2012 cmd prompt and switching over to VS2010 shell prompt to link (I didn't ask for the VS2010 shell setup).

I can run vcvarsall.bat to get 32-bit CL on the path, but don't know an equivalent incantation to get the 64-bit CL.

Program Mysteriously Shutting Down

I have a strange problem that just started popping up with a program I have been marketing for ten years now. It seems to be related to Win-7, but I cannot reproduce it on any of my own computers. The program installs and runs, but after roughly ten seconds, it shuts down on its own. I'm thinking maybe an anti-virus program, but why would it wait until the program is running to shut it down? I'm running VS 10.0.40219.1 SP1Rel and .NET 4.5.50938 SP1Rel. If anybody has any ideas on what to look for, I would sure appreciate your input.

Visual Studio 2012 pro - installing 'old' IVF

Corporate policy is forcing me to switch to a Windows 7 64-bit platform. I have a new workstation with Visual Studio 2012 Pro installed on it.

On its intro page, when first starting it, I selected it to configure for Visual C++.

At present I run IVF on Visual Studio 2005. The IVF is an 'old' version - here are the details from the Help..About. in Visual Studio

Intel(R) Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 Update 10 Integration for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005, 12.1.3530.2005, Copyright (C) 2002-2012 Intel C

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