Microsoft Windows* 8.x

Создание энергоэффективных приложений Windows * Store для мобильных устройств — влияние CPU на энергопотребление платформы

Writing Energy-Efficient Windows* Store Applications for Mobile Devices [Eng., PDF 753KB]


1. Введение

В настоящее время повсеместно применяются различные мобильные устройства: смартфоны, планшеты, ультрабуки и т. п. Все они работают от аккумуляторов. Время работы от аккумулятора крайне важно для конечных пользователей: всем хочется, чтобы устройство работало без подзарядки как можно дольше.

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  • Different behavior between debug and release configurations


    I noticed that my project behaves differently if I compile it with default debug settings compared to when using release settings.

    In debug it works; in release the calculations differ slightly and lead to a failure in one of the checks of my program (it's a program for engineering calculations, more specifically process simulation).

    Changing CoArray Working Directories

    Is it possible to have different coarrays work on different working directories?

    For example I have a variable WorkingDIR[*] that holds a different windows location on each image (say "c:\Image1\" and "c:\Image2\" and so forth). How do I set each coarrray to operate in their own specific working directory? The following SYSTEM command does not seem to work

    IERR=SYSTEM('cd '//TRIM(WorkingDIR))

    Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives - Supported Versions

    The following Intel® IPP versions are currently supported:

    • Intel® IPP 9.0  for Windows*, Linux*, OS X*
    • Intel® IPP 8.2  for Windows*, Linux*, OS X*
    • Intel® IPP 8.1  for Windows*, Linux*, OS X*

    Refer to System requirements document for additional information about Operating System support information -

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  • strange warning with WRITE statement

    I'm working on a console window application. The following statement writes three 4x4 matrices, one row at a time. DO JJ=1,4 WRITE(IOUT,'(3(4(G12.5,1X),4X))') & BEAR1%BR(I)%B(ISPD)%K(JJ,1:4), & BEAR1%BR(I)%B(ISPD)%C(JJ,1:4), & BEAR1%BR(I)%B(ISPD)%M(JJ,1:4) END DO This generates warnings in the console window as follows: forrtl: warning (402): fort: (1): In call to I/O Write routine, an array temporary was created for argument #1 The statement works as intended, but what is the warning for? What is argument #1? Pointers are used in the chain of derived types.

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