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Major Themes of IFA: Hybrids, Ultrabooks™, and Windows 8

IFA, the world’s largest consumer electronics convention right after CES, closed this past week having debuted a whole host of mouthwatering technology. From hybrid tablets to gigantic television sets to Android cameras, there was something for everyone no matter what your technology tastes might be.

The WinRT Location API: Where did my location data come from?

For those developing location-aware Windows Store Apps for Windows 8, the Windows Runtime (WinRT) provides location data to the developer via the Location API. This location data presents the best possible position information available to the system from the underlying hardware and software location sources. Essentially, the Location API object serves as a sort of abstraction layer: the application can obtain position information, but it does not have direct visibility into which locator device generated it. Did your location fix come from WiFi triangulation or a GPS update?

Ultrabook App Lab

Ultrabook™ is a growing platform in the industry. As consumer demand fast and lightweight PC, Intel will be pushing brand new devices.

We recently presented an Ultrabook™ app lab, where we described the new features such as touch screen, improved CPU, better battery, and new integrated sensors. The demos are specifically designed for Windows* 8.

Below are the technical collateral that were presented.


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  • Improving IMSL accuracy

    Dear all

       I want to increase the accuracy of calculation result from IMSL package from 14 digits to 28 digits to delay the influence of numerical instability. In the Visual Studio 2010, I can redeifne double precision from KIND = 8 to KIND = 16 by Property -> Fortran -> Data -> Default Double Precision Kind. However, when using this function in attempt to improve the accuracy, I got error message ERROR#6633:

    Error 1 error #6633: The type of the actual argument differs from the type of the dummy argument. 

    MPI Cluster Debugger

    We recently upgraded to parallel studio XE SP1 ver I noticed that MPI cluster debugger came along with the upgrade. It's ingtegrated into my copy of Microsoft VS 2010. It seems that the MPI cluster debugger is available only with C++ not FORTRAN projects. Does anyone know if and how it can be used with the FORTRAN compiler ?

    Thanks in advance.

    large number of optional arguments

    I would like to make a function or subroutine that handles arguments as flexibly as the MAX function. That is, pass in 1 to n individual integer variables . But I have no idea how to declare the variables. All the examples of optional variables I see have optional variables with individual names. Ideally, I would like them assigned to a single dimension array within the function (or subroutine) but passed in as individual values. Its too cumbersome to name (for example) 20 individual variables and check them all with separate if present statements.

    Compiling using Lapack

    I'm writing my code using Linux. Recently I switched to Windows and therefore now I use Visual Studio to compile my files. However, I think I may have some problems with Lapack libraries. Because I have not been successful compiling my files. The command I used to compile in Linux was:

    ifort *.f90 -lblas -llapack

    What would be the analog for this command in Visual Studio, or even better in the Windows command prompt?



    Watch and Immediate windows display improperly with

    Virtually every program in the large suite of programs that I am managing now displays obviously-incorrect values in the watch and immediate windows. Code is devoloped/tested in debug mode, without any optimization. Stopping at a break point and using the mouse to hover over a value also now often displays rubbish. If I do **nothing** to the code, and use the Studio2010 Option/Visual Fortran tab to select the previous compiler ( and recompile,  the watch and immediate windows display correctly. This is true for many scalars, some arrays, both static and allocatable.

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