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OPEN(NEWUNIT Set Unit To Positive Value

I have a large program that reads in an input file that contains a list of additional input files and a unit number. I like to change the code so that it can take advantage of the Fortran 2008 NEWUNIT feature, but this always sets the unit number to a negative value. This is a problem because the code decides what features to employ based on a unit number being greater than zero.

Is there anyway to have something as the following:


IFLOGM Dialogs & Images

I was wanting to have some buttons on windows dialogs  that have images rather than text. In the resource editor a button has Options Bitmap true/false and also  Icon true/false  under 'Appearance'. I have spend the last 30 minutes looking at MSDN for a clue on how to use these and failed. Which makes me even less hopeful for Fortran...

Has anyone got any experiance and tips on if this,  is it possible and if so what needs to be set where and how?

Location Data Logger Design and Implementation, Part 1: Application Design

This is part 1 of a series of blog posts on the design and implementation of the location-aware Windows Store app "Location Data Logger". Download the source code to Location Data Logger here.

What is a Data Logger?

Before descending into the details of the development of Location Data Logger, I want to spend some time on what, exactly, a data logger application is and why it's useful.

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