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Thanks Steve:


I probably drive you nutso sometimes, but thanks for the help, just being able to list the problems in a place like this makes it clearer and one can then usually solve them or get an alternative idea.

You really are a great resources for us poor lonely sick at heart, downtrodden and oppressed souls.

Thanks also to the other plsahdos who help a lot. Now just ot work out how to pronounce it.


Library and MOD FIles


I very rarely use other people's library's except those built in.

If I get a library and the associated .MOD files, can I put them in the correct IVF Compiler lib and include directories and then just use a "use etc" call in the program.

The developer suggests I add the library to the source code but I prefer to be able to access it from any future program, without having to copy source files.


Simple question but just want to be sure.


Guide for paralle programming

I have not written any code for parallel processing to date, although I am well versed in Fortran programming. I have the need and right application for it in an existing code. I want the added code to process in parallel with the existing code. The results from the new code will be required further down in the global process. I would like to get more documentation than what is in the the Help pages of my Intel Visual Fortran. Where can I find a good source of documentation for this type of application?

Thank you,

Alex Bueno

Error when compiling - 5082, 6404, 6054

Good Day,

I get the following errors when trying to compile and wondered if anyone could help.
All files are written in free form fortran.

filename.f90: error 5082: Syntax errorm found ',' when expecting one of )
blade = (1, 1, 1), (1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1), (1, 1, 1), (1, 1, 1)

Also I get the following errors:
filename.f90: error 6404: This name does not have a type, and must have an explicit type. [TEST]
adinputfile = test

OPEN bug?

I have this in my code:


The file currently does not exist. When I run in debug mode, an error box appears and says the file does not exist. But it does not have to exist with STATUS="REPLACE". What's going on?

Bug with constructors, classes, and parameters

I'm seeing something that I think might be a compiler bug (in 2011 Update 10 of the compiler)...or perhaps I'm doing something non-standard. See code below for a simple example. I'm extending a type, then declaring some variables using the default constructor. The variables from the base type are not getting set properly if the variable is a parameter (it works if it is not a parameter). Does the standard not allow parameters in this context, or is it a bug?

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