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Cannot start-up the FORTRAN/C debugger inside MVS2008

I've recently recompiled my mixed FORTRAN/C  code and it run great as long as I use the "Release" version.  After I recompile with the "Debug" version, I cannot start-up the debugger.  The code apparantly builds properly (i.e. I received a 'Successful build' message and manifest data, as usual, and I receive an executable code.  But, when I go to the top menu in MVS2008 under the "Debug" tab, the "Start Debug F5" line is grayed out, and, I cannot do anything.

Simian Squared Go Perceptual: Ultimate Coder Week 5

Frankly, the API and SDK for developing with Unity and the Perc, are well-written and comprehensive all things considered. I do not know about other teams, but from my perspective, this is far from the wild west of experimental programming back in the 8 bit and 16 bit Amiga days of copper list hacking and trial and error pioneering stuff.

Ultimate Coder Week #5: For Those About to Integrate We Salute You

We definitely lost one of our nine lives this week with integrating face tracking into our game, but we still have our cat’s eyes, and are still feel very confident that we will be able to show a stellar game at GDC. On the face tracking end of things we had some big wins. We are finally happy with the speed of the algorithms, and the way things are being tracked will work perfectly for putting into Kiwi Catapult Revenge. We completed some complex math to create very realistic perspective shiting in Unity.

Calculating estimated call counts with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2013

When you profile your software with VTune™ Amplifier XE you often start from looking at the top function hotspots list. This allows you to see what functions are spending CPU resources, so you can focus your optimization efforts.

Function call counts can provide some additional information to assist in further optimization.

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