Getter functions for arrays


I wonder if there exists an easy way to implement a getter function for an array valued attribute?

For instance, one has a derived item, for example the extensions of a process grid (pgrid). As this item can be retrieved lets say from an mpi subroutine using a given communcator, it would be cleaner not to store this informations redundantly:

GROMACS recipe for symmetric Intel® MPI using PME workloads


This package (scripts with instructions) delivers a build and run environment for symmetric MPI runs. This file is actually the README of the package. Symmetric stands for employing a Xeon® executable and a Xeon Phi™ executable both running together exchanging MPI messages and collective data via Intel MPI.

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  • ifort creates empty ~/intel/ism/rm

    Whenever I run ifort it creates an empty directory tree "~/intel/ism/rm". I found forum thread from a year ago where Steve Lionel claims this should not happen and that the developers have been notified. However, this still happens today in the newest versions.

    Is there any way to prevent this?

    compilation with mpiifort - error not found MPI_CHAR type


    I try to install a code on a HPC under Linux.

    My command line is :

    mpiifort -I./INC/ -I$HOME/MARSLIB/usr/mpi/include/ -module $HOME/MARS/COMPILE_MARS/WTEST-BIDON/OBJETS/ -O2 -i4 -r8 -ftz -fpe0 -fp-model precise -traceback -fno-alias -fno-fnalias    -c ./smallf90/toolmpi.f90

    and I have this message :

    Ubuntu 15.04 Provides Openstack Kilo Preinstalled for Easier Deployments on ONP Servers

    The folks here at Intel see me as a bit of an Ubuntu fanboy.  For the most part, I spend a lot of time in the lab working on the ONP Server using CentOS.   For me, it is less about being an Ubuntu fan and more about using a platform that is easier choice for Openstack developers.    I recently had an opportunity to peel off an extra ONP Server and install the new Ubuntu 15.04 to have a look.  

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