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    There are so many examples of applications using pre-processing strategy that it is trivial. For example using a webcam we often find the device driver doing some software adjustments and corrections such as white balancing. Too often we find devices using software features. Other examples would be in a pipeline and User Interfaces. When it comes to UI we already learned to fill the list when the user clicks the drop-down, so only when the user really wants to use the list we will "pay" for the data.

    GCC x86 performance hints

          People say that GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) cannot generate effective code compared to other proprietary compilers. Is it a myth or reality? We will try to figure out how things really are with GCC. So, how can GCC compiler produce more effective code? We will describe some optional hints for x86 Linux platform "C", "C++" and "Fortran" compilation that help you get more performance from GCC. It should be useful for those customers and developers who need higher performance, but do not use proprietary compilers for various reasons.

    [VIDEO] Nerd@Work: l'importanza di una solida Community




    Divertente video realizzato dal team di Intel Software Network per far capire l'importanza della community: iscritti preparati e disposti a darti una mano nel risolvere i tuoi problemi di coding. Se hai problemi non diventare matto, apri una discussione contenente il tuo problema nel nostro forum e aspetta le risposte degli altri utenti!

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